SYMPAN provides ICT Consulting services to enable its clientstake full advantage of ICT by exploiting a multi-dimensional attitude and supplying services along the following sectors:

ICT Approach & Revolution

ICT Approach

  • E-government strategy design and establishment of operation support services.
  • ICT Master Planning: Current and future public modelling, gap analysis and action plan(s) development.
  • ICT procurement strategy formulation.
  • ICT systems inspection, including procurement process & technology control.

ICT Revolution

  • Design and support the implementation of IT Service Managingcreativity, based on universally adopted principles and practices.
  • IT re-engineering: Business proceduresdevelopment based on IT processes.
  • Re-engineering and introduction of IT standards.

Enterprise Planning Design

SYMPAN provides consulting services to its clients, which include SMEs, public organizations and private companies in various sectors. The services offered by SYMPAN in this include the following:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Information & Communication Systems Investigation&Strategy
  • Enterprise Modelling
  • Network Architecture& Design
  • Procedure& Systems Integration

IT Program & Project Management

SYMPAN’s range of services in the area of IT Program & Project Management includes the following:

  • Preparation& Monitoring of IT Projects.
  • Development of processes, systems and tools for Program Portfolio Management based on industry’s practices.
  • Preparation of Tender Documents.
  • Contract Supervision.
  • Change Management.

Information & Systems Security

SYMPAN offers services to the public sector and private companies in enhancing the security level of their information systems, in planning their security policy, etc. More specifically, SYMPAN is able to offer the following services:

  • Information Risk Assessment & Business Impact Study
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Business Continuous Planning
  • Risk Management Development
  • Development and/ or operational support of Information Security Management Systems
  • Review and Assessment of Information Security Policies
  • Compliance and Regulatory Controls/Audits

Supply of IT Solutions

SYMPAN provides services for the supply of specialized IT solutions in the below mentioned areas:

  • IT Programs & Project Management.
  • Enterprise Planning Management.
  • Documentation of a Managing System based on standards (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, etc.).
  • IT Service Management.
  • Workflow and Information management
  • Knowledge administration.





Corporate social responsibility

Our company philosophy is to create a positive impact on society by supporting business activities that demonstrate both profitability and a positive social impact. SYMPAN Ltd helps businesses to demonstrate commitment to positive change and promotes business endeavours that can make a difference to the society they work in.

Education: Through collaboration with stakeholders, including our customers, universities and other educational institutions, SYMPAN Ltd is voluntarily participating in valuable training programs that promote the right of free access to information resources.


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