Operations Improvement & Performance Management

SYMPAN serves the following sectors:

Process Planning and Identification

  • Functional and process model classification.
  • Methodforming, examination and strategy.
  • Gap analysis and procedure assessment.
  • Benchmarking and developmentdesignation.

Business Process Alterationand Development

  • Alternative functionalopportunities, classification and simulation.
  • Process overview, re-design and re-engineering.
  • Process Control& Management.

Performance Supervision

  • Performance management systems implementation and improvement.
  • Scorecard design and internal communication.
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) selection.
  • Metrics definition and KPIs measurement.

Organizational Restructuring & Transformation

SYMPAN provides the following services:

  • Performance analysis and (re)design.
  • Roles description for organizationaldepartments.
  • Allocation of authorities, responsibilities and duties.
  • Management and policymaking systems.
  • Job remake – Job descriptions development.
  • Skills building, including educational programs and staff incentives.

Capacity Building & Institutional Strengthening

Services include on the job training, mentoring and coaching in the below mentioned:

  • Institutional establishment: Development of official frameworks according to national priorities and international obligations.
  • Establishment of new socio-economic policies and/or policy reform programs.
  • Improvement of functional capabilities of beneficiary institutions.
  • Design and outline of new organization policies, processes, principles, services delivery practices.

Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management includes the following services:

  • Human Resources Improvement: Training prerequisites analysis, training programs, career development.
  • Employment& Reward Management: Job potentials and profiles design, job analysis and job categorization, reward systems development, performance development and goal implementation.
  • Focused HR Operations and Processes Rescheduling: HR processes policy.
  • Post-Merger Incorporation and Transformation: HR Policies establishment, processes and systems placement, in-house communication solutions, and voluntary retirement policies design.

Change Program Management

SYMPAN provides services that include:

  • Constructionof a realistic change plan (stages, resource requirements and performance objectives).
  • Establishment of change management processes.
  • Transformation of internal communication, information and responsiveness.

Production Management

SYMPAN supply services on the following sectors:

Factory Supply Chain

System configuration:

  • Coding of raw materials, work-in-progress and finished goods
  • Master data definition
  • Bill of materials
  • Material movements posted in the system (goods receipt, goods return, post-production, stock in transit, stock adjustment)
  • Supplier/Vendor Management Inventory (SMI/VMI)
  • Supplier/Vendor Owned Inventory (SOI/VOI)

Data analysis:

  • Production planning and detailed scheduling (PPDS) generating requirements in raw materials and resources
  • Micro-planning optimization
  • Scheduling coordination of the production departments
  • Raw materials planning based on master data (minimum order qty, rounding value, lead time, safety stock)
  • Capacity planning
  • Production planning segmentation analysis
  • Headcount planning
  • Inventory monitoring, control and optimization
  • Material losses monitoring and reduction
  • Portfolio analysis: Pareto, Simplification, Negotiation, Cost savings

Product Costing

  • Materials standard cost
  • Activities definition
  • Activities standard cost
  • Product families
  • Activities quantity per product family

Finance Planning, Monitoring, Analysis and Control

System configuration:

  • Definition of cost centers and general ledger accounts
  • Distinguish general ledger accounts to fixed and variable
  • Invoice matching with cost centers and general ledger accounts
  • Cost centers and general ledger accounts matching with product cost activities
  • Cost allocation rules

Data analysis:

  • Budget planning based on volume forecast
  • Capacity analysis
  • Budget review
  • Variances analysis
  • Spending control
  • Utilities monitoring and control
  • Cost reduction / Savings program

Shopfloor Reporting

  • Overall Asset Effectiveness Model
  • Planned and unplannced downtime monitoring
  • Productivity per equipment / production area / work center
  • Throughput per time and people resources
  • Smart Factory - Online shopfloor reporting

Manufacturing Continuous Improvement - Kaizen

  • Unplanned downtime root cause analysis
  • Bottleneck analysis per production area / work center
  • SMED analysis and changeover time reduction
  • 5S and Visual factory
  • Daily improvement
  • Autonomous maintenance
  • Material losses reduction
  • Energy reduction
  • Cost reduction / Savings program
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - Prodaxion
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - Safeworks
  • Factory Operations Support Suite - incidents

Business excellence

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Business processs tools
  • Business intelligence
  • ERP functions automation

New Products Project Management

  • End-to-end New Products Project Management




Corporate social responsibility

Our company philosophy is to create a positive impact on society by supporting business activities that demonstrate both profitability and a positive social impact. SYMPAN Ltd helps businesses to demonstrate commitment to positive change and promotes business endeavours that can make a difference to the society they work in.

Education: Through collaboration with stakeholders, including our customers, universities and other educational institutions, SYMPAN Ltd is voluntarily participating in valuable training programs that promote the right of free access to information resources.


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